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  • 11 x 17
  • 100 lb Semi Gloss
  • Signed

Let's face it.  Superhero work is hard and exhausting.  Every hero can use a little leisure time and Supergirl certainly deserves some personal indulgence by the pool to soak up those rays and re-energize her Kryptonian cells.

Not that Kara would be quite this free & liberated at a public pool.  Luckily she's got friends with property to spare while they're out on business.  Maybe the patio in Wayne Manor's spacious private estate?  Or Oliver Queen's high rise penthouse, elevated above any other building's vantage?

So Supergirl can relax with the assurance of all the privacy she needs, only the Sun as her witness...  oh and possibly an NSA satellite or two that miiiiiight be receiving quite the show.  🤭😅


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