Commission Slots OPEN 😄


    You've seen my art here, maybe also on my social media, and considering having your favorite character tailor made by me?

    THANK YOU for your interest! I can't say enough how much I appreciate that you like my art style enough to consider me for your personalized collection.

    And apologies IF my slots are closed at the time you're reading this. I hope you'll keep me in mind when my availability opens up again.


    Looking for a personalized tribute to a character, true to the source material? Or perhaps you have in mind a more unique interpretation for your own custom piece?

    Samurai, cyberpunk, medieval, noire, re-imagined as a mermaid, or even combining two characters you love in an original mashup? Your taste leans towards the more provocative sexy pinup vixen?.... I'm ready to bring your dream to life!

Every commission printed on 100 lb semi gloss card stock for the highest quality finish and personally signed as your own one-of-a-kind keepsake.

HALF BODY / 8.5x11" $60 USD

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FULL BODY / 11x17" $100 USD

Additional Characters - $60 each

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    🔸 $15 to US, $12 to Canada (priced in USD)

    🔸 International shipping to be determined by location.

    🔸 Discount codes for pre-made prints that may be advertised on the home page are NOT applicable to commissions.

    🔸 All prices subject to change.


    🔸 All commissions include gradient background, maybe light texture, at no additional cost.

    🔸 Some limited background options available for $40; clouds, starry sky, fire, or other semi-abstracts.

    🔸 Overly complex designs such as ornate & engraved armor, cloth embroidery, wings (etc...) will require additional cost, to be determined by details given in the request.


I can't anticipate all things that might come up in a request, but this covers most subjects and styles I do and don't provide, as per my preference and skill set.
So for the unexpected, I may have to decline... but hopefully not.


    👍 I'm well versed in a wide variety of characters from comics, anime, and video games. (see my Bio)

    👍 Alternates such as cyberpunk, ninjas, noire, mashups, gender bends, mermaids.

    👍 Mild NSFW, suggestive & teasing nudity in pinup style emphasising beauty and sexiness.

    👍 Men in suggestive beefcake? Sure!

  • HELL NO!

    👎 Complex and detailed environments (cities, jungles, ancient ruins, cluttered office interiors, space stations, etc...)

    👎 Realistic animals (not much experience in nature study)

    👎 Furries (characters with more animal features and anatomy than human)

    👎 Vehicles or other complex machinery

    👎 Explicit sexual content, no genitalia.


    Completion time for a commission is 1-2 weeks after confirmation that work has begun. (see ordering process below) Additional time for extra characters and/or more complex details (ie. fancy armor)

    All Commissions are for personal use only.
    Your full sized print is exclusively yours, but not for reproduction (physical or digital) for use in volume selling. Any intended commercial use must be agreed upon beforehand, with adjusted pricing.

    Exclusively yours. I will not be selling prints of the commission on my shop. You possess the one-of-a-kind physical copy.

    I reserve the right to display the commission on my official site and social media for promotional purposes (low resolution web size only). You'll also be provided a digital web copy for sharing on your social media. (tagging me is greatly appreciated) 🙂

    * links to my social media in the footer.


  • 1. Fill out the Contact Form below. Provide all the relevant information; character of choice, full or half body, costume version, thematic style direction, (ie reserved or revealing), and anything else that may be useful.

    2. If I respond that the slot is still available (nobody else beat you to it) we'll discuss the finer details.

    3. Once price and all other design choices are agreed upon, CONGRATULATIONS, you're IN the queue, and you'll be told what your place in line is. HOLD for the next step.

    4. I'll get back to you when I'm ready to begin your commission. Only at this stage is the full payment required before I begin the work. An invoice will be emailed to you to make payment. This is also where you provide a shipping address.

    5. A sketch will be shown for approval before moving on to final line art and coloring.

    6. Previews of the finished work will be shown before shipping out to you. Tracking number and digital copies (screen resolution) also to be emailed right away.

    Again, THANK YOU for your interest and I hope my custom art will bring you much satisfaction. 😌

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